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Strength "2" Say

Strength 2 Say was born five years ago as I reflected over the state of education, the community , and the need to reestablish the need for “The Village”. When I thought of the vast societal ills, I realized the strength needed 2 speak the truth. Strength must be empowered with what to say and when. A strategy must be in place in order to be impactful over time. Based on many conversations with an array of stakeholders, I created Six Pillars of my business. In order for the pillars to be impactful I had to develop meaningful relationships with other community partners.

The Six Pillars within my business are:

• Literacy Awareness: Let’s Get L.I.T.( Liberating Individuals Through Literary Texts)• Professional Development• Classes & Workshops• Tutoring Scholars• Public Speaking• Publishing Books

When one is equipped with the proper words and tools they  have endless possibilities to walk in Greatness. My business motto’s are :

“ I am Great! Greatness is within me, therefore Greatness must come forth”

“ We must Listen, Learn, & Lead”

  Together we can and will achieve more, one person, one scholar, one family, one community at a time. Together we will have the Strength 2 Say !!!

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