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About Let's Get L.I.T. & Team

Let’s Get L.I.T.( Liberating Individuals Through Literary Texts), the idea came to me two years ago as I began to reflect over my career within education. The cardinal sin of America outside the institution of enslaving People of African descent is banning the emancipation of the Black mind through literacy. One often wondered why “ they” made it illegal for enslaved People of African descent to read and write ? The answer is simple, one can never take away what has been unleashed within the halls of your mind. When one is free to explore the vast wonders of literacy, their vocabulary grows and they are able to stand while speaking truth to power while making meaningful demands.

      The L.I.T. process begins at conception, the words we speak over ourselves and the womb, opportunities, resources, food, policies , housing stability, love for learning, book choice, curriculum, education system , leadership, desire all play an intricate part within the L.I.T. process. The mindset you must have is perseverance, never giving up, believing in yourself knowing it takes a village, but the village must be healthy and grounded in love.  Gloria Jean Watkins, better known by her pen name Bell Hooks in her acclaimed book All About Love, reminds us that love must be cultivated within our minds and hearts. Our relationships can either prepale or impale us on our L.I.T. journey. The idea that Allyn and Morrell so eloquently penned within the pages of Every Child A Super Reader echo’s Bell Hooks idea of love and adds to that purpose, joy, hope, belonging , friendship, kindness, curiosity, confidence, courage, and opportunity. Marien Wright Edlemen, President of the Children's Defense Fund stated that “reading is an indispensable key to unlocking the door to children's dreams and unlimited potential.” I believe literacy to be  relational, transactional, and transitional. Some may ask, how do banking terms relate to literacy? Let’s turn the soil of our minds and begin to dig deeper. Depending on the type of relationship one has with literacy will determine the types of transactions they have or will have and how they transition throughout their learning career and life.


Clianda Florence

Dr. Carol St. George - Literacy Expert
Carol St. George currently directs the literacy teacher education program at the Warner School. She also teaches courses in teaching and curriculum related to theory and practice for reading professionals. A veteran educator, St. George brings extensive experience as a teacher, ranging from preschool to graduate school. Her research examines how teachers can more effectively collaborate with families to support student literacy and learning.


Niema Atkins - Curriculum Coordinator


Natalie Sheppard - 


Miquel Powell - Social Worker B.S.W
Miquel Powell, MSW is a well-known social worker and community advocate. In 2017, Mr. Powell founded the Reentry & Community Development Center, Inc. as a non-profit organization that offers comprehensive support services to adults recently released from jail or prison. In 2021, Mr. Powell started the Miquel A Powell Youth Summer camp at Scio Street- working with at-risk youth by teaching them life skills. Mr. Powell is a NYS licensed addictions therapist who currently works for a major hospital system in Monroe County as a therapist. Mr. Powell is a former Police Accountability Board member and former Rochester City Council Candidate. Mr. Powell holds a master’s in social work degree from SUNY Brockport. He currently resides in the City of Rochester with his four wonderful children. 

Mitchell Harris - Parent Coordinator

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